Is Your Life Back to Normal?

The closer we get to Nature the closer we get to our true nature.

Many people are wondering when life will get back to normal.

Honor and incorporate the innate wisdom of the systems and cycles of Nature,
the fragile web which connects all life, and we will heal ourselves and humanity.

Change consumption habits to restore and regenerate.

By consuming and traveling less, we reduce the spread of further epidemics.

Teach our children well.

Parents can teach their children to cherish the essentials of life and sustain a balanced society.

Embrace change.

Eat a whole-foods balanced diet.

Add Nature activities into our daily lives, recreation, and travel.

Focus on preservation, conservation, the rights of Nature, and cultural diversity.

When privilege takes precedence over people and the environment, society erodes.

Check out GARN Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature

The list of environmental Soulutions is endless. Please add to it and participate in positive change. Say, YES, I CAN and be part of the Soulution, while living like the future matters.

Living like the future matters has never been more urgent.

You’re Awesome!

Big Love and Aloha ❤️⁠



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Donna Maltz

Donna Maltz

I am Donna Maltz, known to many as Mama Donna. I am a philanthropist, an Author, Speaker, Holistic Chef, a voice for Nature, and Soil to Soul entrepreneurs.