What we believe matters.
When our beliefs come from a foundation of love and compassion,
a just society will rise.

Life is not all sunshine and rainbows. We face our inner darkness and find our light when we understand the value of being true to the many colors of ourselves. Believing we can shine brightly, rather than running from the darkness, we discover how enriching life can be.

Life’s seasons and cycles continually change, as do our beliefs. In the following pages, I share some thoughts that have served me well for most of my life and helped me enormously get through these rapidly changing and challenging times. I hope what I have to say brings you comfort and adds peace for you to pour into others. Clear communication can bridge the gaps that so desperately yearn to be filled with kindness.

Everything is always in a state of flux. There will be good times and hard times, and how we choose to handle them determines the outcome. Evolution is part of life, and the most flexible organisms find the highest level of success. I choose to be flexible and adapt. I accept there will be hard times. I understand that all sentient beings, and all that is, play a significant role in the expression of life.

Redefining what success means has helped shape my life. Love fills my internal bank more than the external world that attempts to fill me with fear. I better understand the chaos when I pay attention to being proactive and positive. This fills my internal bank with love and helps me stand strong against chaos, strengthening the flow of compassion. A natural order contains chaos, which is part of the balance to maintain and experience growth. Coming through the birth canal was traumatic on many levels. Connecting with our roots, acknowledging the trauma, and moving beyond, is part of the divine order. The balance is delicate, yet it keeps us stable. By appreciating chaos as part of life, we become more resilient. Disorder eases and helps us make peace with our mothers, Mother Earth, others, and ourselves. Our actions reflect how we treat ourselves and others. By expressing love, we attract harmonious relationships.

No matter who or where you are, it’s possible to connect with the Earth. We are part of Nature, inseparable, the very foundation we stand upon. Everything, including us, is here because of what Mother Earth provides. True Soulutions are right beneath our feet. Yet how we care for the Earth depends on our level of responsibility and respect to keep her balanced.

Connected to Mother Earth, the source of all that is, you discover the value of giving back and the need for diversity.Nurture the gardens in all relationships, and they will grow. Plant trees and the air is cleaner. Consume less and create more abundance for all. We can create a new paradigm where the diversity of human life and Nature’s biodiversity are respected and treated as essential. We become Earth’s beneficiaries when connected to the source.

We can reflect on how our relationships with one another and the universe are essential to becoming whole. It connects us through a most extraordinary lens that can often get overlooked. Earth is a web of life, connected through a kaleidoscope of relationships and part of the grander picture. Like every living creature, we live, we die, and get recycled back into life cycles. Bones eventually break down into bioavailable minerals, and flesh and blood become food for plants and animals; our physical bodies become one with the Earth. Mother Nature offers us a clear vision of our connectedness and interdependence in life and death and rebirth.

Like a tiny raindrop that harnesses the power of life, we are part of the life cycle. This essential raindrop gathers with other droplets to mist, pour, and storm. The nearly weightless raindrops nourish the plants and animals, hydrate our bodies, and moisten the Earth. The collective rains support life, and without them, there would be nothing. The nutrient-rich moisture evaporates back to the clouds, which circulate around the globe to enrich others. Our thirst is quenched by the same water that nourishes the plants and animals we eat. It is the same water the dinosaurs drank, and our children’s children will do the same. The purity of the water depends on each action we take.

When you study the systems and cycles of Nature,
you notice how everything going on around you
is also going on within you.

Nature provides homes for all lifekind. It is said that our bodies are the temple for our souls. When we care for our homes, we feel better. Our physical homes are part of the external web of life that we share, but they do not define who we are. Our internal self gets influenced by the outer world. How we choose to absorb our beliefs comes to the surface. Our bodies turn into nutrients. Our souls, well, that’s up to your beliefs. Mine is ancient, and I choose to honor my belief that my soul will transcend into another existence.

I believe that people have the right to believe in whatever and whoever they want to, as long as it does not hurt anyone or anything. I’m not suggesting that anyone stop worshipping how they have been accustomed to — if it stands for life, liberty, and justice for all.

Throughout this book, I highlighted the Earth as the feminine, Mother Earth, to open your minds to the power of what we think and how we speak. Words are powerful, whether written, thought, or spoken. Their meaning becomes ingrained in our thinking and behavior; they subconsciously shape our beliefs, perspectives, and actions that affect the world.

I cannot end without connecting the dots where I believe many of our problems stem. Ah, Mother Earth, Pachamama, Gaia: all are symbolic of the feminine. But I question: What if, from the beginning of human time, we called the Earth our Father Earth, our Pachapapa? Would this have changed our beliefs and destructive actions?

The all-mighty God, the ruler of the universe, is traditionally associated with the masculine. But what if God was perceived as feminine and we prayed to the Mother, our Lord(ess) in heaven? Would we abuse, rape, and take so much from the core of our survival? Why do so many people refer to God in the masculine and the Earth in the feminine? Why are we not taught to pray for the Earth, the great spirit, and the universe? Why not pray for all and treat each with enduring respect as if our life depended on it?

I believe in love and compassion, and justice for all. I believe that God, or whatever we choose to identify with, is in everyone and every living thing on Earth. To me, God is not a HE, and the Earth is not a SHE. The Earth carries both the yin and the yang, light and darkness, chaos and peace. This big blue marble, our planet, is home to many genders.

For those living outside of the accepted two genders, these human beings are often classified as abnormal or unworthy of inclusion because they are outcast by the social construct. They are forced to select A or B on paper forms when neither fits. Who am I, or you, to decide or judge someone else’s gender just because we don’t identify in the same way?

Discrimination and prejudice on any level are un-Godly.

I believe we can create a more harmonious world when we can change the greedy extraction narrative and respect each other’s compassionate beliefs. The faith I have gives me the determination to be a voice for Nature and what she/he represents. I do not doubt that when I die, whether it is from hunger, COVID-19, or a lightning strike, I will rise again like a phoenix. Nothing dies. I live my life knowing that the winter needs the spring, and the flower needs the rain — and much of what we are taught is contrary to Nature’s wisdom.

I choose to believe that we can live in a world drenched with love and compassion and work within the systems and cycles of Nature. Imagine the world with trusted, leadership that prioritizes regenerative principles, and equality for life-kind. We would have world peace, eradicate hunger, and clean up the mess we have made. For God’s sake, we figured out how to send a robot to Mars! Sometimes it takes a traumatic event to change our lives. These current tragic events offer opportunities to transform our belief systems and human-made systems that have screwed things up.

It’s not the power of the rich with greedy perspectives that are going to save the world. Instead, like the miraculous power of flowing water, we can take our energy and transmute it into being part of the Soulution. We can focus our life force on getting healthier, igniting our inner embers, and being part of the flame that heals. Spoiling yourself with self-love and prioritizing mental/emotional health is the top tier to save your world and the world. Once you’ve done that, you are unstoppable and can share the wealth you own. Seek secure connections that make you feel loved and alive and appreciate the synchronicities. Have faith in beliefs that heal.

The world begs us not to be afraid and to stand courageously for the rights of all. It’s exciting to imagine all the good that can come forth in a Soulution-driven, collective consciousness. If we can move forward with love and compassion, we can and will transform the world. I believe this is an evolutionary time full of opportunities when we are prepared.

Donna Maltz is an author, blogger, speaker, culinary chef, and eco-entrepreneur. Her books include Living Like the Future Matter ~ The Evolution of A Soil to Soul Entrepreneur, I AM ~ A Guided Journal to Cultivate Abundance, Conscious Cures~Soulutions to 21st Century Pandemics and Yummy Recipes, Wilderness Wonders, a healthy activity cookbook for kids and adults.

She spends her days immersed in Nature and strives to help make the world a more vibrant place for all sentient beings. As a ‘voice for Nature,’ she shares her love for Mother Earth through words and photography. 🌿



I am Donna Maltz, known to many as Mama Donna. I am a philanthropist, an Author, Speaker, Holistic Chef, a voice for Nature, and Soil to Soul entrepreneurs.

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Donna Maltz

I am Donna Maltz, known to many as Mama Donna. I am a philanthropist, an Author, Speaker, Holistic Chef, a voice for Nature, and Soil to Soul entrepreneurs.